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Ms. Beth San Martino

Welcome to my classes!

Middle School Math
Middle school mathematics is offered on the middle school campus. Students have a 43 minute class everyday. Topics covered are basic skills,fractions, integers, percents, algebra, data and statistics, and geometry. Students have homework every night with the exception of Fridays. There is a team approach in this class and extra help after school is available.
Students use the Pre-Algebra book by KUMON 6-8 for skill work.
Algebra I
Algebra I is a 90 minute class held everyday at Project Drive.Students are able to receive one-on-one help for them to be successful. Topics covered are: Equations, graphing, solving systems, inequalities, functions, quadratics, similar triangles, right triangles and some probability. Students take a final exam to end the class. 
Middle School Science and Physical Education
The middle school (grades 6-8) science students follow the curriculum of the Milford School District.  They’ll be studying the environment, force and motion, chemistry, geology, astronomy and other topics from life and physical sciences.  They will also be participating in a physical education program, including time outside (weather-appropriate) and in the gym playing such games as frisbee, kickball, basketball and scooter hockey.