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Project DRIVE

Student Handbook 2020-2021



Project DRIVE



5 Elm Street

Milford, NH 03055


Telephone:  (603) 673-6709


Mission Statement

The Milford Alternative Program, known as Project DRIVE, provides educational and therapeutic programming for students in grades six through twelve identified as "high risk" or with a serious emotional disability, and grades three through six for the special education program.

The mission of the Milford Alternative Program is to provide an alternative, safe, and supportive environment in which students can achieve their academic potential and develop the skills and competencies necessary for employment, further education, and daily life.
Referral/Policy Intake

Referrals to the Milford Alternative Program (Project DRIVE) will be made through the Milford School District's student study teams at the elementary, middle and high school levels or through the Director of Special Services for the Milford School District. Members of the student study team will be responsible for providing the Milford Alternative Program (Project DRIVE) with a complete referral package. The referral package will include, but not be limited to, the following:
    • The Milford Alternative Program Release/Exchange of Information Form
    • Initial and most recent testing including educational and psychological evaluations and summaries
    • Current IEP and Placement proposals if applicable
    • Discipline records from present placement
    • Current medical/health records required by the school district
    • Copies of report cards/transcripts
    • Completion of behavior rating scales (See attached)
    • Course outline and educational materials (textbooks, workbooks, etc…)
Upon receipt of this information, Project DRIVE staff will schedule an observation of the student. In addition, an intake interview will be scheduled with the student, the student's parent(s) or guardian(s), and other members of the student's support system if applicable. As part of the process, a student will be scheduled for a full or partial day visit to the Project DRIVE.
If appropriate, a student will be accepted on a provisional 30-day diagnostic placement. A placement review meeting will be held at the conclusion of the 30 days to determine if Project DRIVE can meet the student's needs.